Create, administer and manage questions for formative and summative assessments. ExamView is bundled with more than 12,100 textbooks from over 65 leading publishers, so chances are it’s already in your classroom! ExamView Premium is an annual subscription upgrade that allows students to respond to questions with web-enabled devices.

ExamView - PC

Release Date: 12/5/2018

Version: 11.4

Size(MB): 41.40

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ExamView - Mac (32-bit only)

Release Date: 3/18/2019

Version: 11.7

Size(MB): 84.00

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Learning Series

A library of educational content that features more than 15,600 unique, high-quality classroom assessment questions aligned with today’s learning standards and Common Core curriculum. Questions are organized by K-12 English Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. (You must have ExamView v8.1 or later. This is a separate purchase from ExamView. For more information, about Learning Series, contact us.)

Learning Series Samplers

Release Date: 11/10/2015

Version: 11

Size(MB): 37.94

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Device Manager

This download establishes a communication between ExamView software and QT2, QT, NXT, Pulse, Spark, CPS Gen2 and CPS IR clickers. Note: If you currently have Device Manager on your computer, select Check for Updates. If available, a newer version of Device Manager will automatically install. If you do not have Device Manager, download it below and install on your computer.

Device Manager - PC

Release Date: 02/27/2020

Version: 7.11

Size(MB): 125

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Device Manager - Mac

Release Date: 02/27/2020

Version: 7.11

Size(MB): 84

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Device Manager - Linux

Release Date: 02/27/2020

Version: 7.11

Size(MB): 40.90

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