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As far as assessments go, multiple-choice tests are pretty popular. Instructors can let technology grade student responses, minimizing the amount of work they need to do outside of the classroom. Learners generally find them easier than written exams since they can try to deduce the correct answer if they feel stumped. Unfortunately, creating fair multiple-choice tests can be a pain. Thankfully, Echo360 has created a multiple-choice test generator called ExamView to help instructors write fair test questions for all assessments, practice exams, worksheets, and study guides. Please continue reading to learn more about how our multiple-choice test creator can make life easier for your organization's instructors.

What Makes This Multiple-Choice Test Generator Stand Out?

ExamView is a multiple-choice test generator, but it also comes with a question bank filled with over 15,000 items aligned to Common Core educational standards and leading textbook titles. This ensures that your instructors can start administering assessments as soon as they get the software. You can also write your own questions using an intuitive interface if you can't find what you're looking for in the question bank. Most importantly, ExamView promotes fair assessments by being able to generate up to 26 different versions of a given test. A question randomizer ensures that all 26 versions have the same difficulty level, so you don't have to worry about one learner receiving a more challenging exam than another.

ExamView also includes powerful learner tracking tools to help you determine which content areas are solid and where further reinforcement might be needed. As such, you'll always have the evidence you need to take action if a learner starts falling behind. Sadly, it can be difficult to collect and review this type of information in a traditional classroom setting.

Isn't Cheating a Massive Concern with Multiple-Choice Tests?

It can be easy to see that your neighbor chose answer “B” for number seven and mark the same thing yourself, but ExamView's ability to instantaneously generate 26 different versions of a test renders this strategy moot. Most learners will have different questions labeled “number seven,” so copying another person's answers simply won't work. If you really want to prevent cheating, ExamView also supports question types such as short answers, essays, numeric entry, and matching that are more difficult to copy.

Does Multiple-Choice Test Maker Software Address All of My Organization's Educational Needs?

As powerful as ExamView is, there are many educational needs that a multiple-choice test generator isn't designed to address. Thankfully, we offer a variety of other products as well. For example, our suite of Point Solutions products allows instructors to use Anywhere Polling to collect real-time data from learners. This ensures that teachers know a student is struggling well before they take an ExamView assessment. Likewise, Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform designed for everyone, everywhere that can help online learners focus on whatever they are studying. Gamification elements such as live leaderboards and badges can make dry topics like microeconomics more exciting, for instance.

Echo360 is one of the best tools in our toolbox because it uses ASR technology (the same thing Amazon's Alexa uses) to automatically transcribe video content and create a searchable index of content for both instructors and learners. If a learner had a hard time with World War II or the use of allegory in Animal Farm on a practice test, Echo360 makes it easy for them to review the specific section(s) of recorded lectures that covered those content areas.

How Can I Learn More about This Multiple-Choice Test Creator?

If you would like to learn more about ExamView or any of our other products, we encourage you to contact us for more information. It is our goal to transform passive learning into active learning engagement for as many learners as we can!

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