Over 10,000 Instructors Choose Turning for Student Success

It’s not enough to get your students to class. You need to engage them from start to finish. Turning provides the most modern, most complete, and most flexible options for educators and institutions to increase student engagement and drive continuous improvement.

Turning's secure, extensible solutions for educators, students, and institutions help you create the perfect learning environment.

Gauge student understanding with real-time feedback sessions. Course correct for greater institutional success.
Track attendance
Track attendance, gauge student progress, and measure course-level analytics.
Integrates with your favorite LMS? Check. Streamline your learning ecosystem for greater efficiency.
Facilitate two-way conversations
Facilitate two-way conversations with chat, virtual classroom, and collaborative assignments.
Provide students
Provide students with access to learning anywhere, anytime with scheduled interactive assessments.
Provide built-in proctored
Provide built-in proctored testing options with Self-Paced testing and assignments.

Higher Education Elevated

Deliver blended learning your way.



Create your course from your existing materials, new content, or a mix. With Turning, it’s your choice. Be ready to go in a snap.



Connect with students where they are through live virtual sessions, peer instruction, scheduled assignments, and more.



Evaluate student outcomes and measure the impact of your course for continuous institutional improvement with real-time analytics. 

Turning for Your Institution

Click-and-mortar learning doesn't have to be overwhelming. Turning supports instructors by helping you to extend learning beyond the classroom and by enabling learners to engage their way, whenever and wherever they want with scheduled classes, collaborative assignments, and interactive assessments.
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    Get to know Dojo360, the world's easiest, most reliable learning engagement platform that plugs seamlessly into your favorite LMS. Pump up student success with a built-in virtual classroom suite, interactive assessments, and real-time analytics.
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    Point Solutions Suite
    Our all inclusive flagship software to break down the virtual wall, increase engagement, and keep your students on track.
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    Response Options
    We offer the most reliable and trusted response solutions on the market. Engage and assess participants with familiar devices they already own or choose clickers to minimize texting distractions.
Dr. Michael Stockdale

“Being able to ask questions as we go along helps to keep students engaged, and the instant feedback helps me determine which issues they’ve understood and which we need to go over again.”

Dr. Michael Stockdale
Principal Lecturer in the School of Law at Northumbria University
Dr. Christopher Wiley

“Turning is so flexible, as everything is embedded in PowerPoint®; alternatively, anywhere polling enables me to use the student response system alongside whatever is on my desktop.”

Dr. Christopher Wiley
Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching University of Surrey
Jennifer Cowley

“Having the multiple-choice format available to an audience of students who want to test their knowledge and application of the material, all at the same time is priceless.”

Jennifer Cowley
University of Kentucky College of Nursing
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