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Keeping up with your learning and development program can be challenging. With Turning, you have options to help you deliver the engaging learning experiences your employees crave in the most effective format for your organization. Whether you're preparing mandatory courses, facilitating training sessions, or looking for proven tools to increase performance and employee engagement, we have the solutions you need to get results.
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Remote Work with Turning

engaging feedback sessions
·      Create engaging feedback sessions,  icebreakers, and more for your online meetings, trainings, and get togethers.
PowerPoint content
·      Seamlessly integrate with existing PowerPoint content or poll over any application with ease.
Deliver assessments, evaluations and surveys that require learners to work at their own pace.
Built-in conferencing tools
Built-in conferencing tools make any learning experience shift from passive to active.
Gather consensus
·      Gather consensus or identify knowledge gaps and areas of particular interest.
Stave off boredom
Stave off boredom with a variety of question types including multiple-choice, short answer, and hotspot.

L&D Solutions for the Evolving Organization

Tap into Turning’s powerful technology to maximize your eLearning program.



Easily create content to develop future leaders with a variety of interactive video assessments and team-based learning assignments.



Reach every employee and build a culture of learning by connecting with your learners through live feedback loops and collaborative interactive sessions.



Capture actionable insights to help you create and deliver optimal content that supports employee development goals and delivers organizational results.

Turning Products for Learning

Create a culture of interactive learning to drive increased performance, develop initiative, and boost employee engagement. Our collaborative tools can help your organization retain and upskill valuable employees by helping you create, deliver, and measure inspired and effective learning programs.
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    A simple, modern, and secure learning engagement platform for organizations to create, present, and access training and development programs at scale.
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    Point Solutions Suite
    All inclusive active learning suite to layer in with your existing conferencing solutions. Create polls, assignments, and more to spark discussions and gain valuable insights.
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    Knowbly Rapid Authoring Tool
    Quickly create and customize beautiful interactive learning that works seamlessly on mobile and in any learning environment.
Jocelyn Lauer

"Turning software setup involved little effort, and an easy-to-use interface, as well as being integrated with PowerPoint, greatly benefited the training department."

Jocelyn Lauer
Andersen Corporation

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