Who Is Turning?

Our mission is to champion remarkable experiences for learners and instructors in every learning environment, and we are guided by our three principles of remarkable learning experience: equity, evidence, and engagement.

Why We Exist

Empowering others to find their voice and connect to opportunities through experiential learning, whether pursuing an educational path or professional development journey, makes us tick.

We believe in providing measurable tools that simplify preparing, delivering, analyzing and absorbing learning through engagement. When people are engaged, they learn quicker, retain more, and achieve their goals quicker—providing more opportunity for all.

And we exist to help our customers make their lives better. Hearing how their experiences are transformed by our products inspires us to keep innovating. We take pride in what we do and can't wait to meet each of you to introduce you to our team.

Empowering others to find their voice


difference everyday
Make a difference everyday. We are inspired to make a positive impact each and every day through our work.
Team on a mission. We believe in leveraging the collective genius of our teams and our customers.
Passion. We've got it. We are committed in all that we do and give our best to each and every action.
Integrity. Be real. See it. Say it. Solve it. No room for side conversations or back room channel. We are a team.
Think big. Be bold
Think big. Be bold. Never settle; challenge what's possible. Take action and go.
Diversity. Embrace it. We are as inclusive as our portfolio.
Our values are the fabric of our culture and the framework for our decisions. They are the driving force behind our reason for creating our products and the foundation for how we treat our customers and our coworkers.
Tiffany Jana

All voices are heard and all voices are counted. In my mind, there is no limit to the inclusive possibilities that can be created with this technology.

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