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Read the room with Turning. Whether virtual or in-person, participant feedback can be collected anonymously or tracked to provide insight on what participants truly think and feel. Review post-event reports with the click of a button for further analysis. Simply ask a question, collect answers and display the results.
Read the room with Turning

Turning’s trusted solutions are used by some of the world’s best-known organizations for

Meeting, trade show, conference or convention presentations.
Instant, electronic session
Instant, electronic session or speaker evaluations.
Distance-learning, remote or multisite conferences.
Data collection
Data collection of attendance, opinions and demographics.
Anonymous or tracked voting or issue prioritization.
Gamification techniques to encourage motivation.
Create engaging experiences for conference attendees

Use our Point Solutions software to deliver a memorable experience for conference goers.

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Turning used to gather live audience predictions

Will they catch it? Pedestrians play catch with Cousin Sal and response devices collect real-time predictions.

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Effortlessly interact with an entire audience from any location

Corporate event planning organization connects multiple locations during a live broadcast meeting with audience response systems.

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We're trusted by some of the best
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Why Turning?

Make any event more memorable.



Our specialists are trained to support you from initial discussions to post-event analysis. Support services include pre-event consultation, slide show creation and edits, participant list creation, equipment management, coordination with AV representatives, and report generation.



Let presenters ask participants interactive questions in order to capture their attention and increase engagement. Turning provides a variety of question types---including multiple choice, short answer, numeric response and hotspot---that participants can use.



Review post-event reports with the click of a button for further analysis. Participant feedback can be collected anonymously or tracked to provide insight on what participants truly think and feel. Collect and analyze instant feedback to adjust your presentation on the fly.

Customize Your Event

Your event matters. And doing it your way is critical to its success. That's why Turning has rental options to make it even easier to get started. Whether you want a customized, disposable device or to enable attendees to use their own tools, Turning has the options you need to capture responses and analyze audience feedback on your own terms.
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    Mobile Option Compatible with Attendee Devices
    View and respond to interactive questions with your smart phone, tablet or computer.
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    LCD Response for Maximum Participation
    Offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation easy.
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    SE Disposable Model with Customizable Face
    With our flexible, low-cost SE response device, make audience engagement a possibility for all events. Features include the ability to add a customized label as an additional advertising opportunity. A 10-day battery to eliminate the hassle of collecting and returning. A 200-foot range to ensure responses are collected from every participant. Up to 25 different sessions can run at any one time inclose proximity without interference.
Tiffany Jana

"All voices are heard, and all voices are counted. In my mind, there is no limit to the inclusive possibilities that can be created with this technology."

Tiffany Jana, DM
Founder, TMI Consulting
Dr. Adam Fox

"People attending our courses come from all sorts of clinical background s and roles, and when we are discussing a particular case, we can ask the audience what they would do next. We can compare the results immediately, which in turn provokes further discussions. A graph shows how people’s attitudes have changed during the course of the debate."

Dr. Adam Fox
Honorary Senior Lecturer, King’s College London
usanne Boer

"Easy-to-use, even for the technologically challenged like me."

Susanne Boer
Virginia Commonwealth University
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