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After you've presented engaging online employee training using the outstanding products powered by Echo360, it's time to get feedback from your employees. Once your trainees have interacted with the presentations through the Dojo360 learning engagement platform, watched the videos you've created and edited using Echo360, been fascinated by the interactivity enabled by Point Solutions, and completed the assessments you've created using ExamView, there's only one thing left to do. You must make sure that all your work was effective.

Why Employee Training Feedback is Essential

You should not consider your online training program to be finished until you have obtained detailed and actionable feedback from your trainees on various facets of the training. This both ensures that the current group of trainees has learned what they need to learn and are ready to take it into the workplace and gives you what you need to improve training for the next group of employees.

There are three specific advantages to be gained through employee feedback software programs.

  1. Identify areas for improvement
    No matter how good your training program is, there is always room for improvement. When you get feedback from your trainees, ask them specifically about ways they could imagine the training could be improved. This is an easy, free, and reliable way to get honest feedback regarding the training methods used, the quality of the presentations, the level of engagement trainees experience, and the overall response to the training experience. When you gather this type of information as part of your training program, you are able to improve your training and make sure it's even more effective in the future.
  2. Make sure business objectives are being met
    Employee training has a few different goals, and one of the important ones is to ensure that each trainee ends up with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the needs of the organization. Therefore, gathering feedback from participants in training programs will show you whether the program has met essential business objectives. You can collect feedback on whether the training has improved employees' ability to manage their time, improved their productivity, or other measures.
  3. Establish the value of the training itself
    Because training is generally a huge investment for a company, it's important that you can demonstrate its value. Otherwise, the business may not continue to consider it a priority. With the right kind of feedback, you can provide solid data and evidence to your superiors on how training has added value to the organization over time.

How to Gather Important Feedback from Trainees

Point Solutions has a powerful employee feedback software feature called Anywhere Polling. You can use this feature to create as in-depth a poll as you desire. Trainees can respond using their laptop, desktop computer, phone, or any other device of their choosing. With Point Solutions, you can create a poll that has as many questions as necessary to receive a good picture of how well the training went.

With the analytical tools available with Point Solutions, you can analyze the data and notice trends that emerge. These trends will indicate areas where the training was highly successful and areas where there is room for improvement. This data can be acted upon as described above.

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