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Engaged Vs. Disengaged Employees: The Benefits of Custom Training

Custom training content may seem like a luxury, but it's a bargain compared to a training program that doesn't fit your organization's needs. There are four reasons to customize your training program:

  1. To address your company's specific business challenges
  2. To create a time-efficient way to close the gap between where your trainees are and where they need to be
  3. To cater to a wide variety of learning styles and improve employee engagement
  4. To maximize return on investment (ROI) through higher knowledge retention

With a suite of products powered by Echo360, you can easily create powerful custom training programs for your business that keep your employees engaged, which makes the training far more effective than boring, seminar-style training.

What is a custom training program?

A custom training program meets the needs of a business with one-of-a-kind training content. It has targeted learning objectives and a clear plan for how the program will be structured and delivered to meet employee training goals. An organization's Learning and Development professionals control the content and the context in which it's presented to trainees.

For example, if onboarding training is needed, training can include welcome videos that highlight leadership and employees in the organization. Safety training can include learning reinforcement materials with location-specific diagrams and pictures. Soft skills training can be provided for specific employees at the suggestion of their managers.

How can I create adaptable, flexible, custom employee training?

Dojo360 allows you to generate content for an entire class, a small group of employees, or even specific individuals. You can easily use a master list of employees to drag and drop their names into the courses that are relevant to them.

For example, if there is a department-wide training followed up by a customized assessment designed using ExamView, you can view analytics to determine how well each employee did on each topic. Then you can assign additional training modules in Dojo360 for specific employees on the topics where they need to improve.

Because your organization likely has learners of all different types including visual, aural, kinesthetic, and others, you can harness the power of Dojo360's content management capabilities and Echo360's video management capabilities to generate training material for all kinds of learners. Echo360 also allows you to be inclusive with its Automatic Speech Recognition, which makes videos accessible by creating searchable, editable transcripts that can also be easily turned into closed-captioning for your videos.

To engage employees, they must be allowed to access training when it works best for them. With Point Solutions and Dojo360, trainees can use the web to access training materials from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or another mobile device.

Point Solutions further engages trainees with features like images, quizzes, polls, and more. With these features, you can turn presentations, lectures, and virtual meetings into interactive sessions that allow a true connection with your trainees.

Because of the Point Solutions Anywhere Polling feature, trainees can provide immediate feedback to questions mid-presentation from their home, their desk, or a secondary worksite. This gives them and the company the flexibility to have employees train when and where it is most convenient.

How much more productive are engaged employees?

According to Forbes, a disengaged employee costs a company an average of $15,980 per year. That's because they tend to have an 18% lower productivity rate, a 37% higher absentee rate, and a 15% lower profitability rate. Because custom training can lead to improved job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities, it helps to engage employees in the organization as a whole. It makes good sense to customize your training if you want an engaged workforce.

How can my company use custom training programs?

Engaged employees are more productive workers, so using the best, most engaging custom training tools is a definite advantage for your organization. Book a demo today to see how our products lead to engaged employees through custom learning programs.

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