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If you've noticed attendees zoning out during your presentations on financial industry regulations or students snoozing through lectures on the water cycle, you're probably looking for ways to make your material more engaging. One technique you may not have considered is incorporating an audience response system into your presentations. Audience response systems add interactivity to presentations, allowing learners to actively engage with the material instead of passively listening to it. That promotes information retention and spares you the hassle of staring at a room of blank faces during presentations.

Live audience polling works best when you can do it in real-time without disrupting your presentation, and Echo360's suite of Point Solutions products gives you everything you need to engage your audience. Our mobile app allows participants can use their favorite devices to answer your questions. Any attendees who don't have a device can still answer on a web browser or through clickers, ensuring that you'll hear from every member of your audience. Keep reading to find out more about Point Solutions!

Can An Audience Response System Really Promote Engagement?

The appeal of live audience polling is intuitive if you think about it. People are curious creatures, and we want to know what other people think of something once we've shared an opinion on the subject. Audience participation can also help your learners feel connected to your presentation, pushing them to pay attention even if they have little interest in the material. Finally, the best audience response systems help you track learner progress and engagement in real-time, allowing you to modify your presentation on the fly if it's falling flat.

Why Should I Choose Your Audience Response System?

Our suite of Point Solutions products allows for Anywhere Polling, meaning that you can embed questions on multimedia items such as videos to better command an audience's attention. You can also add gamification to your polls, whether that means fostering friendly competition between learners or awarding points for completing self-paced presentations. Most people assume that live polling only works for synchronous learners, but asynchronous learners can get just as much out of it with Point Solutions.

Furthermore, Point Solutions makes it easy to analyze all of the data you collect. You can visualize audience responses in real-time, so you'll have the evidence you need to move on if your learners already understand a given topic. You can solicit feedback on how to improve your presentation as well, a topic that learners don't always feel comfortable discussing. You can also export the results to your preferred LMS for more powerful number-crunching.

Our audience response system even automates some of the administrative work instructors have to perform such as awarding participation credit and taking attendance. Point Solutions also integrates with popular teaching tools such as Zoom and Microsoft PowerPoint so instructors don't have to redesign courses around it.

Are Audience Response Systems the Only Way to Engage an Audience?

Absolutely not! Echo360 is a video content management platform that automatically captions all video content so that learners can engage multiple senses while watching. Likewise, Dojo360 is the learning engagement platform built for everyone, everywhere. Its powerful course authoring tools make it easy for administrators to design engaging courses and enroll learners in the courses they need without wasting time on anything superfluous. We can't say that ExamView makes taking or designing exams fun, but it is a test generation tool that removes a lot of the pain from the process by randomly generating up to 26 versions of a test.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products, reach out for more information. We are ready to do whatever we can to help you better engage your audience.

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