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Nearly 75% of CEOs rate human capital as the one greatest factor that determines corporate economic growth. They place more importance on it than on products, client relationships, and marketing. Studies indicate that 84% of employees at high-performing organizations receive the training they need, compared to only 16% at lower-performing organizations. This data demonstrates the paramount importance of employee training and development, and how crucial it is to be able to keep up with quality training programs no matter how large an organization grows.

Turning and Echo360 have come together to redefine the way learning engagement can be scaled to fit the smallest mom-and-pop offices right up to the largest mega-corporations with equal ease of use for content creators, instructors, and trainees. Based on our e³ philosophy, which encompasses equity, engagement, and evidence, Dojo360 is the perfect learning engagement platform for businesses of all sizes and for businesses that are growing exponentially.

The Basics of Effective Scaling

The need for employee training grows as an organization grows. Larger businesses must decentralize decision-making as it becomes impossible to operate without a significant amount of delegation. It becomes easy to outgrow current training and development, especially if a business relies on traditional, in-person training methods. It becomes unwieldy and unrealistic to bring the entire staff together once a month in a conference room.

On the plus side, online training frees the business from time and distance constraints. Training no longer requires employees to be in a certain location at a certain time. The training material can be accessed anytime from any location. Manual tasks become automated and able to be scaled to meet demand. Businesses benefit from hard ROI figures, but also in less quantifiable ways. Employees who are well trained perform better in their roles, advance more often, improve morale, and build company loyalty.

Qualities of a Scalable Corporate Training Platform

  1. Is it stable and reliable?
    Dojo360 works as well with a large corporation with numerous trainee groups as it does with a small organization with a handful of trainees. No matter how many trainees an organization has, it's simple to add content and to add trainees to courses by dragging and dropping them from a master list into as many courses as they need to take. Dojo360 will never crash because it is fully scalable and reliable for all sizes of businesses.
  2. How well does it handle data?
    Dojo360 works hand-in-hand with Point Solutions, a suite that gives you everything you need to engage with your audience. Point Solutions is packed with elements that give you everything you need to build presentations that your trainees will engage with including images, quizzes, polls, and more. Dojo360 also works with Echo360, a video management platform, which can handle as much video content as you can produce. No matter how much content you produce, Dojo360 and our other corporate training software can handle it.
  3. Is it sufficiently automated?
    Dojo360 is fully automated. Once online content is created and added to the course catalog, all the instructor needs to do is add trainees to the courses they need to take. The trainees will have full access to all modules they need, which they can access from any location at any time. Instructors can view analytical data including when and how trainees are engaging with the training courses and how effectively they are performing.
  4. Does it have the necessary features to support success?
    With Dojo360 and Point Solutions, instructors can embed assessments into presentations to make certain employees are understanding training as they proceed. Analytical tools are available so if one or more employees are not performing to an acceptable level, the instructor can intervene with additional explanations or practice items right away. This way, by the time full assessments are provided using ExamView, all trainees will have a thorough understanding of the material presented.
  5. Is the functionality present to quickly create and manage users and content?
    This is one of the most advanced features of Dojo360 and its companion programs. Creating content couldn't be easier, and managing users is both easy and intuitive. Content can be adjusted as needed using the evidence provided by real-time analytics.

The Takeaway

With Dojo360 and our other corporate training software, you can scale your corporate training platform easily no matter how large your organization evolves. To see this in action, contact us today for a demo. We'd be happy to show you all the features of our effectively scalable corporate training platform.

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