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Are you a teacher who is worn out from making tests for your students? Do you spend far too many hours outside of the school day coming up with the right blend of questions to make sure your students understand the content you have been presenting? If so, ExamView is for you. ExamView is one of Echo360's wide range of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions that make teaching easier and more rewarding. Continue reading to learn how ExamView can change the way you assess your students from now on.

Why is testing so important anyway?

Teachers first teach content and then they test the students' understanding of that content. These tests are used to evaluate student learning, skill level growth, and academic achievement at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year. These types of tests are called summative tests.

Summative tests are defined by three criteria according to the Glossary for Educational Reform:

  1. They determine whether and to what level students have learned what they were expected to learn over a period of time. They may also be used to determine student placement in educational programs.
  2. They may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.
  3. The results are recorded as scores or grades in each student's academic record for a report card or for admission to higher educational institutions.

Needless to say, testing is here to stay. But as you know, coming up with fresh, dynamic, effective tests can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a teacher, no matter what age of students you are teaching. ExamView is here to change all of that.

How can a test question generator change how I create tests?

With ExamView, you are able to leverage content from more than 65 publishers and 12,000 individual textbook titles. Most likely, the book you are using to teach your class is represented, so you can create tests that track with your current textbook with a simple click. If you prefer to create your own tests, you can do that easily with our question banks. Once you've created your tests, you can instantly create up to 26 versions of the same test, so your students will not be tempted to share answers with one another. If each student's answer to Question 9 is different, there is no point in trying to cheat off another student's paper.

ExamView is good for more than just final assessments. You can also create relevant assignments using ExamView. These assignments will help prepare your students for the test that they will eventually take, so they drive success in the classroom. You can also use ExamView to create practice tests so students know what to expect on the day of the exam.

You can view your students' progress in real time, so you can use the practice tests to reinforce concepts that the class needs extra work on. You can also use ExamView to create targeted worksheets for individual students based on the questions they are struggling with so they are thoroughly prepared when the final test day arrives.

How can I start using a question generator tool in my classroom?

If creating your own classroom tests is up there with listening to fingernails scraping across a blackboard for you, contact us today. We will walk you through a demonstration of all the fabulous features ExamView has to offer. You'll be amazed! Plus, all of Echo360's products are designed with our e³ philosophy, which focuses on equity, engagement, and evidence, so you can be assured they are top-quality classroom products.

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