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Students learn best when information is presented to them in an organized, cohesive manner, meaning that all educational materials are designed with the same goal in mind. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find or write assessment items that perfectly compliment the way material is presented in a textbook, forcing instructors to either use misaligned study tools or fail to provide the volume of resources that learners need to succeed. Both situations can adversely affect learner outcomes.

We are Echo360, and we have developed test builder software called ExamView to ensure that instructors have access to assessment questions aligned to their favorite textbooks. ExamView includes content from over 12,000 textbook titles, so questions from your favorite book are probably available. Our test builder software can also combine with our other products to help learners pursue their academic goals. Please keep reading for more info.

Who Provides Questions for Your Test Building Software?

ExamView content is distributed by over 65 leading academic publishers, giving us access to questions written by the biggest companies in the education industry. We also offer items around federal Common Core standards, making it easier to help students prepare for state-specific standardized exams if the textbook you're using doesn't explicitly cover them. All told, the ExamView question bank includes over 15,000 items before accounting for any content instructors write themselves.

Those 15,000 items feel like much more when you consider ExamView's other capabilities. For example, there is a bimodal toggle that automatically transforms multiple-choice items into a short answer question testing the same topic and vice versa, effectively doubling the number of questions available to you. If you decide to write some items yourself, ExamView supports a variety of question types including multiple-choice, multiple response, essay, numeric response, matching, true/false, and sentence completions. Likewise, ExamView includes a randomizer function that can generate up to 26 versions of the same exam, promoting equity in assessments while mitigating any cheating from copying off of another student.

While ExamView is primarily test-building software, you don't have to use it exclusively for formative assessments. You can also use its question banks to create practice tests, study guides, and worksheets to help your students prepare for their exams.

So Test Builder Software Is Just a Glorified Question Bank?

Not at all. ExamView includes tracking tools to help instructors identify what content areas students are comfortable with and any areas of opportunity that need more work. ExamView is also mobile-friendly, with both question banks and student performance data available via our app. You can even collect real-time audience responses on ExamView, though our suite of Point Solutions products offers even more in that regard through the use of Anywhere Polling.

ExamView can also be combined with our other products to provide learners with a more comprehensive learning experience. Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform with powerful communication tools such as virtual breakout rooms and screen share to facilitate group work, allowing learners to collaborate on ExamView items and consider perspectives and techniques that they may not have thought of otherwise. Echo360 is a video content management platform that takes advantage of automatic speech recognition technology to caption video content, creating a searchable index that makes it easier for learners to find and review challenging topics. All of these tools are powerful on their own but can unlock a learner's true potential when used in combination.

How Can I Learn More about Your Test Builder Software?

We are always happy to answer questions, so don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you have. We will do our best to help your instructors empower learners to succeed!

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