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If writing tests sounds about as fun as running your fingernails down a blackboard, then ExamView test banks are for you. Rather than spend your free time trying to put together a test that is a good reflection of what your students have learned and how well they have learned it, choose ExamView powered by Echo360. With ExamView, you have access to more than 12,000 specific titles from more than 65 publishers. Continue reading to learn more about how to use ExamView to free up your free time and to make a bigger impact with your assessments.

How can a test question bank help improve my assessments?

With ExamView, you can assess, analyze, and track learner performance. Seamless integration allows you to automatically launch test questions during presentations and get instant results. This way, you can adjust your teaching in the moment to give additional coverage to concepts students aren't understanding and to move through concepts they are comprehending well.

You can also use ExamView to easily create worksheets and other assignments for students based on the specific content you are covering in class. You can assign the same worksheets to the entire class or you can easily personalize assignments based on how students perform on practice questions.

You can choose to create summative tests using the question bank entirely or you can include instructor-created content that you can create in minutes with ExamView. With dynamic content, you can generate multiple iterations of exam questions to test the same concept. You can also use the bimodal feature to toggle between multiple-choice and short-answer question types, immediately changing the item difficulty level.

You can also choose from all sorts of traditional question types when you access ExamView's test question bank. You can use true/false, multiple-choice, multiple-response, numeric-response, matching, completion, short-answer, and essay questions to review, re-teach, and reinforce student learning.

ExamView isn't just for end-of-unit or end-of-term summative tests. You already know you can create assignments using the program, but you can also conduct practice tests where the students use their phones or clickers to answer questions. You immediately receive feedback, so you know who is understanding which concepts. This can guide your test preparation based on what your students need rather than on an impersonal study plan that doesn't take your students' individual needs into account.

ExamView is powered by Echo360 and was developed using our e³ philosophy, which is based on equity, engagement, and evidence. Equity means that all students have the same experience with ExamView — it is accessible to all types of students. Engagement means that the content is interesting and draws students in. Evidence means that you receive the analytical data you need to determine how well students are performing so you can make informed decisions about your instruction choices.

How can I use ExamView test banks in my classroom?

If you're tired of working hard to come up with the perfect test for your students, contact us today. We'll walk you through a demonstration of all the features ExamView has to offer. You'll be amazed!

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